Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sigma 5 Picks !!!

I am starting a post which shows 5 Best Products from Sigma every month . So here is this month 5 picks products from Sigma that i think the best and any one can love them.

  • I give 1st place to Sigma cleansing and polishing Tool because with cleaning your skin you never looks beautiful and for healthy skin its best product from Sigma with very cheap and affordable price. 
  • Synthetic Face kit gets 2nd place because all three brushes are really great and complete your brush kit. Its a best combination of Kabuki Brushes. 
  • Then comes Sigma Flare Eye Shadow Palette on 3rd place. The Palette includes very beautiful colors for summer and all colors are so pigmented.
  • Forth place goes to Sigma Bare Eye Shadow Palette. If you love Smoky eyes look then its best for you and it also include one glittery Shadow. 
  • Last but not least the Sigma Dare Eye Shadow Palette. This palette include some bright and neutral shadows that you will surely love. 
So these are the this month products . Hope you will love them . If you want to know more about these products simple visit this link below,

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  1. Hurray!! I am the Member now, i am feeling so happy to be a part of such a lovely page.. Good Luck & best wishes for MakeUpGlitz. Thank You!

  2. Welcome Nikhar . I am so happy to see you here and thanks a lot for your best wishes. Love you sweety.


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