About Me

Welcome to the Rabi Makeup Glitz

I am Rabia. My qualification is MBA Marketing. Married to a person, to whom I consider as my best friend. I am an ordinary yet a different girl with lot of dreams, aims and ambitions in life. My blog covers different beauty products review, Press releases and other topics related to beauty, fashion and style. I try to share reviews of high quality products with my readers. 

When and Why start a Blog?
Blogging is my hobby and it develops in 2011. I was very keen of writing and through blogging I write reviews about different products. Another reason was to communicate with different high profile companies as I love to do it. But this is not enough, I have another reason to start a blog is my love for photography. For blog I shot pictures of different products that make me happy.

Why my blog is related to Beauty & Makeup?
I am the person who always like and find out something creative. Makeup is one of the best creative field in which you can change the whole look of anyone that’s appeal me a lot. That’s why I started a blog related to Beauty & Makeup.

Hope you will stay there and help me to grow my blog by following my blog and sharing your views and thoughts here . Thanks

Stay Blessed ...


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