Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review of Garnier Light

Garnier is the cosmetic brand of L'Oreal. We all are well aware with the
products by Garnier. Today i am sharing some views about Garnier Light Fairness Face Wash and Garnier Light Fairness + Anti dark spots Daily Moisturizing Lotion. 

A few moth back i decided to buy Garnier Light Products. As I always prefer to use face wash so at first i bought Garnier Light Fairness Face Wash. 

This face wash is with Pure Lemon essence. Its best for skin that prone to dullness and darkening. The Pure Lemon essence exfoliate the skin and remove the impurities and make the complexion fair.    

According to my personal experience yes it works. Whenever i wash my face with it , I feel a sudden glow on my face. But another thing i always feel after using it is the skin tightness . It makes skin very tight so if you have dry skin , it will make your skin more dry. That's why i use it occasionally. But over all i really like this face wash. It make my skin soft and more fresh looking.

The next choice was Garnier Fairness + Anti dark spots daily moisturizing lotion. 

It is also with pure Lemon essence, Vitamin C and SPF 15 with UVA + UVB protection. It reduces dark spots and darkening of skin and remove uneven skin tone. 

I love its cute bottle that i can carry any where with me. It is non greasy lotion. Never absorb in the skin but it make invisible layer on skin that actually i always feel. Also it make skin kind of dry but never tighten up the skin like Garnier light face wash. 

Smell of both products are same and very long lasting. Kind of strong smell with lemon taste. They work for me , whenever i use them my skin feel like soft , clarifying and glowing. I simply love Garnier Light face wash and lotion. 

If you have any comment or want to share any thing then do comment below as i love to read your comments . Thanks

Regards !

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  1. Garnier light i mostly use this.. Its really very good with the great result.

  2. really helpful review :) i love Garnier products am using Garnier light anti puffing eye roll and its great !!!!

  3. @ Szkjan :

    Thanks dear . I also love Garnier Light series and its really very effective.

  4. @ Nikhar :

    Yes result are really good . Thanks for sharing your views :)

  5. Thanks for your lovely comment :) I use Garnier's conditioner and moisturizing cream and I find them both realyy good. Thanks for sharing! <3

  6. @ Sara :

    Its really nice to see you commenting here . Thanks for lovely comment <3

  7. i've used garnier light face wash for over a year n i agree it makes the skin tight initially after you wash it but overall i liked it!!

    good review!

    my blog:

  8. @ Rakhshan :

    Thanks for sharing your views dear <3

  9. These sound good.I haven't tried them as yet. Great review.

  10. @ Pandora's Box:

    Thanks Dear , Must try it , Light series is really great .

  11. Great review. Garnier is one my favourite brands in hair and skin. ^^

  12. great review i have used the moisturizing lotion but didnt worked on me as good as i wished ...

    new follower

  13. I love Garnier Light's whole range. Good review :)

  14. @ Shang , Sahar & Remy :

    Thank you lovely girls <3

  15. Lovely post love the products!


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