Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Review : CAPRI Deep Cleansing Face Wash

Now a days its really hard to find a good face wash in the market because many companies offer a wide range of face wash with distinctive features. The most important and risky thing is to test them on your skin and then find the one that is best for your skin. Few days before i have received a face wash from Lotus Client Management & Public Relations Pakistan.  They sent me CAPRI Deep Cleansing Face Wash to review on my blog. 

What Capri Says :
  • Remove Pollution, oil and dirt
  • Prevents blackheads
  • Maintain skin's natural moisture
Capri introduces their face wash range with Aloe Vera & Cucumber Extracts for all skin types. It penetrates deep inside the pores where soap cannot reach to effectively remove oil and dirt. This thorough but gentle deep cleansing action prevents skin problems such as blackheads. Its natural formula with Aloe Vera and cucumber helps maintain the skin's natural pH balance. you get beautifully clear, fresh and soft skin as never before. It Dermatologically tested. 
  • Tube Size : 100ml
  • Price : 145 PKR
My Thoughts :
After receiving this face wash , the first step was to try it on my skin. I was really afraid to use it because this is first time when Capri introduces Face wash range. So finally i decided the try it. 
After using Capri face wash i was really impressed because it actually remove pollution and dirt. My face looks very clean and soft. It never make my skin tight and itchy and keep my face moisture. 

I am very thankful to Lotus Client Management & Public Relation to send me Capri face wash and i want to appreciate CAPRI for their new face wash range that is really very effective. I recommend to all of you to try Capri Face Wash and get a beautiful soft skin. Thanks

Stay Blessed ...

Disclaimer : PR sample sent me for review. The opinion expressed here represents my own and are 100% honest. 


  1. The smell is amazing, but unfortunately it made me break out :(.

  2. I have this face-wash it caused a little dryness around my eyes so I stopped using it but I love how it removes dirt and makes my skin clean...will try in summers again

  3. @Remy

    Mine is also broken from some where as every time i find a gel on the tube :( .

  4. @sahar awan

    I don't know why it caused dryness around your eyes because my skin is dry and it keeps my skin moisture. I really like it <3

  5. I have tried Capri's handwash. This facewash sounds nice too. :)

  6. sounds nice!:) wanna try it!! x

  7. @Rakhshan

    Yes sure dear and don't forget to share your experience <3

  8. This facewash sounds really nice. Must give it a shot. very nice blog you have here.Love reading pakistani beauty blogs. I'm a new follower. Check out my lil blog too if you wish

  9. @Pandora`s Box

    Thanks dear for appreciation . Yes i am already following your blog <3


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