Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wedding Special

Some moments are never forgettable in our life and marriage is the one from them that is unforgettable in every one's life. Many people and things make it more delightful . On wedding day the most important thing is bride looks. From her dress to her makeup , everything should look gorgeous and eye catching.

Today i am going to share my wedding special moments with all of you in form of pictures. As i can't share the whole wedding pictures of mine but i am going to share my wedding days eye makeup with all of you. Lets have a look on them . 
On My Mehndi  

First Day of Eyes Makeup 

My first day dress was the typical Pakistani Shalwar Kameez with red and white combination. Long Kameez in white with golden work and Red Shalwar with golden work on bottom. So my beautician uses combination of Red and Brown in makeup with shimmer on it. With all that winged eye liner looks really amazing on it. 
2nd Day of Eyes Makeup 

Second day dress was Rajistani Lehenga in Pink and Golden Combination with golden work. She uses combination of pink and purple in eyes makeup with shimmer on it. Eyeliner was simple than first day. 

So hope you like my sharing. Do share your thoughts about my Wedding Eyes Makeup. Thanks 

Stay Blessed ...


  1. you have pretty eyes I must say
    your beautician did a pretty good day makeup is better than 2nd one

  2. You are looking lovely , would love to see your wedding dress too . and congratulations . i did not know that you are married !!

  3. @ Sahar : Thank you so much dear for appreciation :) ....

    Yeah both makeup were done by different beauticians and first day eyeliner was very clear and more stylish than 2nd day .

  4. @ Jeeya : Thanks dear , I will sure share pictures of my Wedding dress .

  5. sucha lovely blog :-) xx
    A new follower from, woule love if you follow me back <3 <3 <3 x

  6. @Makeup Glitz

    Thanks sweety and yes i will follow your blog for sure :) .


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