Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mikyajy's New 22K Delightful Mirror Shine Lipgloss

22K Delightful Mirror Shine Lipgloss:

Give your lips a silky, luminous dose of color with the new 22K Delightful Mirror Shine Lipgloss. Made in Italy, each of these 12 shades pack moisture and shine while gliding smoothly onto the lips. Unlike other
lipgloss, the 22K Delightful Mirror Shine Lipgloss does not have a sticky finish and is extremely comfortable on the lips. Advanced ingredients promise to preserve the softness of your lips while enhancing them with a light glaze full of color. This gloss won’t require frequent touch ups as it contains special shining agents for brilliant results, potentially lasting a whopping 6 hours. Pucker up for a gloss that gives you light, longlasting coverage and rich color without the annoying residue or dryness.

22K Delightful Mirror Shine Lipgloss is available in 12 shades and is now available in Mikyajy stores.

Price : SAR/AED: 60

Stay Blessed ...


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