Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Launch of Mikyajy's New Products !

I am glad to share the news with all of you that Mikyajy introduces three new products in their product line. One in their Groovy Compacts and 2 in their Sabaya line. 

Groovy Compact Fashion Flower :
Take all your beauty necessities with you wherever you go! Being fashionable starts at your dressing table, but who says you can’t take that stylishness on the road? This handy kit contains all the color and cosmetics you’ll need to carry you throughout the day, especially if you’re a girl on the go.
Girls and women of all ages adore Mikyajy’s Groovy Compacts because they cover a range of shades and possibilities, and are always convenient to carry. This wallet format is filled with bright, bold colors in the form of 12 eye shadows, two pressed powders, two blushes, four lip glosses and a mirror.
For the eyes, choose from natural shades of pink and pearl, neutral browns and minty greens or more energizing colors like pink, blue and orange. Blend coral and rose for the cheeks, and for the lips go for crimson, magenta, tangerine or glittery glosses. A small mirror folds out for easy application.
Tuck this compact into your purse and you can touch up as often as you’d like throughout the day.

Groovy Compact Fashion Flower is now available in all Mikyajy stores.


Sabaya 3 in 1 Mascara :
Give your eyes the ultimate boost with just a sweep of a wand. Volume, length and curl can be achieved with the Sabaya 3 in 1 Mascara, unparalleled in its ability to provide phenomenal thickness and intensity to the lashes.
Starting with the very first application, this mascara can be built upon layer by layer for more and more drama. Apply one coat for a natural effect and add more for increased length and volume. High mineral pigmentation and a multifaceted wand ensure each layer of mascara will be loaded with rich color.
Vitamins and nourishing ingredients such as Jojoba wax protect and strengthen the lashes while ensuring mascara doesn’t clump and flake.

Sabaya 3 in 1 Mascara is made in France and is now available in all Mikyajy stores.

Sabaya Lip Jellies :
Juicy, fruity and bursting with fun, Mikyajy’s carefree Sabaya line introduces a fresh category of everyday gloss that promises your lips a brilliant sheen. Whether you like to dab your gloss on following a layer of lipstick or prefer staying simple and light by wearing the gloss on its own, Sabaya Lip Jellies are a treat for any girl’s daily beauty practice.
Squeeze a bit of these Lip Jellies onto your pout and feel its smooth gel texture glide across your lips, leaving you with a comfortable, glistening layer of color. Its light color payoff adds a natural, feminine glow to your smile without being too dominating.
Besides its delicate color and wet finish, Sabaya Lip Jellies are delish – try each type in six fruity flavors.

Sabaya Lip Jellies are made in Italy and now available in all Mikyajy stores.


Hope you will visit Mikyajy stores and grab your favorite item. 

Stay Blessed ...


  1. lovely products Thanks for sharing <3

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  5. Sabaya Lip Jellies sounds yummy :)

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  7. @Disturbed Style : Mikyajy is famous for their colorful cosmetics and that's why i love them <3

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  9. amazing items! love your review!

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  10. hi there
    i hv purchased some stuff from mikyajy , but i was wondering is there prods really made in italy and germany ???


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