Saturday, March 10, 2012


Yesterday during my shopping i saw too many posters saying "I Am Iconic". A very unique tag line with very impressive photo shots from all age groups and from all most every profession delights me and finally i never stop myself to explore that store. 

About ICONIC : 
Yeah it was ICONIC . Recently they launched their new store in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Iconic is a trailblazing retail concept by UAE's home ground business conglomerate. Iconic is equipped to become first ever of its kind retail offering in the middle east. It houses a variety of lifestyle solutions from fashion to gizmos, cafes to restaurants, accessories to fun toys, spas to salons and books to party items. 

I love what they write in their info and description section of Facebook Fan Page, 

"I am the everyday Icon, the winner of my own World. And this is my cool hangout, where I'm gonna meet my kinda folks, voice my views and have some fun!
I am the icon of my world. I live by my rules and follow my own style. I win my own terms and excel everyday. I am ordinary and I am fashionable. I am simple and I am today and I am tomorrow. I am the everyday Icon. I am Iconic".

My Experience : 
I decided for window shopping there but after entering the store , the layout and the accessories out there attract me a lot. So i decided to buy something (that fit my budget off course) from there. After wondering 15 min i find out a piece of bag that i was actually looking for. 

Black Soft Leather Bag

A very beautiful and soft leather bag/clutch catches my eye. I always looks for soft material in bags as i really don't like very stiff and hard kind of material in bags. When it comes to color , Black is all time favorite of mine.  

It is quite deep inside and you can put many things in it . Also include one zip pocket at one side and that is also very big enough. Its 2 in 1 means you can use it as a bag with its long strips and also as a clutch by removing its strips. After exploring each and everything in this bag/clutch i decided to buy this one. 

Material : Soft Leather
Color : Black 
Price : 30 SR. 

Hope you like the post . Don't forget to share your views in comment section. Thanks

Stay Blessed...


  1. Nyc :) mashAllah :t

  2. WOW !!

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  4. Your blog is inspiring! Great post. I am following your blog pls visit mine, I hope you will follow back

  5. I WANNA go to that store!!! I'm so happy you posted it, those guys have an iconic ad campaign with such posters and messages! Again, thank you!!!

    1. Do visit that store and don't forget to share experience here with us <3

  6. WOw looks awesome, wish i could find a store like that near by! I came across your blog through another blogger and i am so glad i did, i am your newest follower!


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