Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Review : Travalo Excel Atomizer

Getting something favorite make every one's day fabulous. Same happened to me when i received Travalo Excel, One of my most favorite product. Yes today i am going to review Travalo Excel. Travalo sent me one
Travalo Excel  in very beautiful Orange Color.

What Travalo Says : 
Carrying a big glass perfume or aftershave bottle is inconvenient, cumbersome and can be dangerous if it takes a knock and shatters. 
Travalo is a refillable atomizer bottle with a difference. Its patented easy fill system allows you to refill in seconds with a simple repeat pump action. Travalo makes it easy and convenient to have a fresh confidence boost any time. anywhere. 

Some Facts About Travalo : 
  • Rapid Refill in seconds
  • No funnels, No spills
  • Over 65 Sprays
  • Only 8.6cm and just 20g
  • Protective carry case
  • Aircraft Approved
  • 98% Recyclable
  • Aircraft grade Aluminium
  • No Dangerous Glass Parts
  • Suitable for Men & Women

How to Refill & Use :

It is very easy to refill Travalo by just following these steps . 
  • Remove the spray head from your perfume bottle. 
  • Place Travalo upright on the top of the nozzle peg. 
  • Now repeatedly pump it up and down to fill.

Caution During Refill : 
Whenever you refill your Travalo , Keep these two points in your mind . 
  • Always refill with Travalo lid on. 
  • Refill on flat surface . Refilling with bottle in hands , makes refilling process difficult and awkward. 

My Experience: 
I am biggest fan of Travalo Atomizer and when i got my Travalo Excel for Review I was very happy . It was very beautifully packed with a transparent plastic cover . Finally i opened it and started refilling process same as mentioned above. It was really easy to refill it . 
Now i always keep Travalo Excel in my bag . Some times i forgot to spray but because of Travalo now i can spray at anywhere and anytime. 

Where to Buy :
Unfortunately Travalo is no available in Pakistan . But don't be sad because you can buy your favorite Travalo directly from their site as they ship to Pakistan too . So If you are interested to buy yours then visit their website Here
You can also win one facebook Travalo by Liking their Face book Fan page Here. They run daily spray giveaway on their Face book Fan page. 

Do You like Travalo Excel ? If yes then let me know what is your favorite Travalo Color . 

Stay Blessed...

Disclaimer : PR sample sent me for review. The opinion expressed represents my own and are 100% honest


  1. Nice review <3

  2. aww this sounds so cute :)

  3. I love Travalo it's so useful :)

  4. Thanks for stopping here <3

  5. I totally need this item!it's super cool! I always keep forgetting to put perfume on. Thanks for sharing!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. Your blog is awesome, I'm your newest follower on G+ and GFC.

  6. I have this in Golden aswell, Love it! :)


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