Friday, June 29, 2012

Mikyajy's Launches New Groovy Compacts - [Press Release]

Groovy Compacts Jungle Fever and Tropical Paradise:
These funky multi-stacked compacts are filled with a range of cool shades for the lips, eyes and cheeks. They were designed to suit the needs and tastes of different types of girls, but most of all they were designed to make a statement.

Groovy Compact - Tropical Paradise 

If you are more of a funky, outgoing girl, then Tropical Paradise is your type of compact. It gives you bright, adventurous shades of silver, purple, magenta and marine blue, with rosy pinks for the lips.  It’s the perfect combination of seven brilliant eye shadows and seven delicious lip colors, together with two blushers to create a serene yet colorful burst of fun. 
Groovy Compact - Jungle Fever

Choose Jungle Fever if you are more into fresh, earthy tones of coral and chocolate. The compact features seven eye shadow shades of green, yellow, beige and chocolate brown, along with a collection of seven complementary lip colors and orangey blushers that will brighten every skin tone.

The mirrored compacts are perfectly portable and include a mini eye, lip and blush brush for busy bees.
Price: 55 SAR/AED.

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  1. This is now at offer for QR 49 and I got one for myself last night. Will share my thoughts soon ♥


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