Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bunch of goodies from Mikyajy - [Press Release]

All that a woman needs in one box: Lady in Red
We all know that red is the color of love, drama, and passion. It’s also the color of the glamorous red carpet that many women imagine themselves on after putting on their makeup. Packed in a shiny red box, the newest addition to Mikyajy’s Beautiful Gifts, Lady in Red, will help you bring this vision to life. You will definitely make heads turn once you start experimenting with this set. 
This box contain 50 different shades of eyeshadow, 9 blushers, 2 compact powders, 4 colored eye pencils, 8 lipsticks, 3 lipliners, 4 mascaras with eyeliners, 6 shades of nail polish, 4 double-sided lipglosses, and brushes. All that a woman dreams of and more is available in this kit. You’ll get all the necessities for a variety of beautiful looks, along with an easy to carry, compact box that can be trucked along with you wherever you go.
Lady in Red is now available in all Mikyajy stores. 

Price: 399 SAR/AED

Get it Right: Mikyajy Tools
Makeup is never perfect without the necessary tools. How will you use your kohl pencil if there’s no sharpener? How will you perfect the smokey look without the right brush? And how will you check your makeup when you are in a restaurant if you don’t have a small mirror in your purse?

Use Mikyajy tools to get precise application:
  • New Sharpeners: Trendy and colorful, we now offer two new sharpeners to help keep your pencils in shape. Made in Germany.
  • New Mirrors: Three new vibrant mirrors in different shapes and designs.
  • Smokey Eye Brush A brush with a pointed tip that allows you to smudge shadow close to the lash line, resulting in a gorgeous smokey effect.
  • Cosmetic Bags Cute girly bags that appeal to all young fashion-forward girls out there.
These Girl Tools are now available in all Mikyajy stores:

             Square Sharpener 15 SAR/AED

    Capped Sharpener 12 SAR/AED

    New Mirrors 25 SAR/AED

             Smokey Eye Brush 45 SAR/AED
For Your Sensitive Side: Sabaya Caring Liquid Eyeliner & Sabaya Caring Kohl Liner
Sensitive eyes are more and more common these days, and Mikyajy has come up with  two caring eye products that will give your eyes the care they deserve. Sabaya Caring Liquid Eyeliner will give you defined, precisely lined eyes to ensure no fading or smudging, while the Sabaya Caring Kohl Liner gives you the smokey effect combined with definition and depth.

Sabaya Caring Liquid Eyeliner
This liner is almost completely composed of natural plant-derived ingredients that assure precise, color-intense definition without fading or smudging and without aggravating the delicate areas around the eyes. With its special caring ingredients, the Sabaya Caring Liquid Eyeliner is perfectly suited for highly sensitive and complicated skin.

Sabaya Caring Kohl Liner
Consisting of 100% naturally derived ingredients, this waterproof, long lasting liner is excellent for adding a striking, defined smoky tint to sensitive eyes. With its high concentration of moisturizing ingredients such as Jojoba oil, Shea butter, and Vitamin E, eyes receive the moisture, protection, and anti-aging treatment they need to stay beautiful.

Price: 59 SAR/AED

Sabaya Volume & Care Mascara
Almost every woman wants to look natural and simple during the holy month of Ramadan. To get that modest look, they tend to apply only mascara for their makeup, and perhaps a light foundation to balance out the skin tone.
Sabaya Volume & Care Mascara adds natural-looking depth to your gaze while protecting lashes and eyes at the same time. Those with sensitive eyes appreciate this mascara’s special hypoallergenic ingredients which are developed specifically for sensitive eyes and contain no irritants. A special cocktail of vitamins help strengthen, moisturize and condition lashes for healthy results. Its waxes coat the lashes for impressive volume, and the clever conical applicator helps to lift the lashes for a beautiful eye opening effect.

Here’s how you can apply Sabaya Volume & Care Mascara:

If you want to match your lashes with that balanced, even skin we mentioned, check out our Complexion Perfect video that shows you how to apply Sabaya face products for fresh looking skin:

Price:  59 AED/SAR

For more details checkout their Website


  1. Each and every product of this brand is very tempting but unfortunately not available in Pakistan :(

  2. This is very good thanks for the post :) I have seen many products like these at in lowest price

  3. Replies
    1. Unfortunately these are not available in pakistan but in middle east you can find their srtore easily.


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