Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nivea Teint Delight Gel Foundation - [Review]

Foundation is main product to be used in creating flawless and gorgeous looks. Many girls like a very heavy base of foundation on their face but few like me, don't like to make a thick layer of foundation on skin and for those of us, light foundation is best . Fortunately few months back, I bought Nivea Teint Delight Gel Foundation and today i am going to share my experience with all of you.

What Nivea Says : 
Natural finish gel foundation evens out the teint for a visibly revived complexion. With oxy minerals and pure water. skin compatibility terminologically approved.

My Experience : 
I always use Nivea products but this is first time when i bought any product from their makeup range. so i was not sure that what would be the result . Nivea describe this gel foundation as light texture and natural finish. when i used this foundation on my skin , at first it looks that nothing is used on skin but after a few minutes it became visible on skin. but still it never give a thick layer on the skin . It only even out the skin and gives a very smooth looks . But for those who have extreme dark circles , it is not best for them. 
It comes with a pump that is really nice. No need to squeeze bottle again and again. With one pump you can get a drop of foundation. Only one or two pump are enough for whole face. So there is no chance to wastage of product. 
Nivea said about this foundation as Gel but consistency this foundation is not like gel. It more like creamy. I like that it blend very easily and absorbs very quickly. for this i prefer to use my fingers rather than brush or sponge. 
It comes in a four shades and mine is Nude 02 that works best for me. I also like its fragrance that is very strong and i feel it through out the time. It only comes in 30ml of bottle. The bottle size and style is very handy and its easy to carry. Cost wise i guess its cheap. I bought it from Saudi Arabia and it price is SR 30 (PKR 720)
Finally i like this foundation because of its light and natural finish. I highly recommend this to all those whose skin is clear or have very light marks on skin and like to use light texture foundation

What type of foundation do you like . Share your views in comments section

Stay Blessed...


  1. hmm I've never used Nivea foundation, but this product look amazing i ll defiantly give a try to it.

    1. Yes its great if you like natural looks . Do try it.

  2. I've never tried their foundation, but from what you said this sounds awesome!

  3. sounds good, i am not a fan of nivea though

  4. I saw this at alfatah the other day, never knew they did foundations before. Thanks for the review. Seems like a good medium coverage foundation :)

  5. Thanks for the review. I had no idea Nivea also dealt in makeup products. :)

  6. I have used nivea for 22 years and to even try Made from Earth was a challenge for me but after using their Vitamin C Moisturizer - i am very happy with the results from the last 6 months! I can see a difference in the lines around my eyes, and just my skin looks and feels fresher over all. Everyone is telling me how healthy I look - Love it!


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