Sunday, September 30, 2012

Uniqso Dolly Eye - Dreamy I Blue Lenses - [Review]

Contact Lenses are a great step in the world of invention. All those who like to have different eye color or like to have eyes color matched with their makeup or dresses, must appreciate the one who discover contact lenses and then to all those who innovate them and comes with new and unique ideas.
Uniqso is also well known company who offers wide range of contact lenses by different brands, colors , diameter, design, power, price etc. So you have lot more choices. Uniqso offers me to choose one pair of lens for review so i have decided to try their Dreamy I Blue Lenses. So lets get started the review. 

Lens Detail : 
Weight :                    100Grams
Manufacturer :         Dolly Eye (EOS)
Diameter :                14.50mm
Water Content :       38%
Base Curve :            8.60
Available Power :     0 to -10.00
Place of Origin :       Korea
Price :                       17.01

My Review : 
I always admire blue eyes and its one of my favorite eyes color too. So i have selected blue lenses for review when Uniqso offer me a chance to review their lenses. So when i received my parcel i was very excited to try them. Uniqso send me these lenses in a very cute box , written with a Thank You note. I simply love their packaging.
After wearing these lenses , i was totally in love with them. I was thinking that like other lenses , this blue color will also not very prominent on eyes but i was wrong. These blue lenses were very prominent on eyes as you can see them in my photo. This is another point that i love about these lenses. I try these lenses for about an hour and i don't feel any irritation or any burning feeling. I not even feel any irritation after applying makeup along with lenses.

I would love to recommend these lenses to all those who are crazy about lenses and especially for blue lenses.

Where To Buy : 
You can buy these lenses directly from Unisqo website.

What do you think about Uniqso lenses ? Don't forget to share your thoughts in comment box.

Stay Blessed...

Disclaimer : PR sample sent me for review. The opinion expressed here are my own and are 100% honest.


  1. nice:) u must have paired up blue lenses with sum contratsting eye will look great too

    1. Thanks dear and i will try something in contrast with blue lenses for sure :)

  2. The packaging is so adorable!! <3

    1. Yes Shy i was also impressed by the package :)

  3. wowww these are so cute looking really pretty on you

  4. Lovely blue lenses ^^

    Love Emi

  5. wow! your eyes look great now! :)

    - A.

  6. Hi love,

    Great post and so beautiful pictures!!!

    you have a super blog here.

    we can follow each other if you want!

    Happy Sunday!

    1. Thanks for stopping here sweety . It would be great to follow each other <3

  7. You look exotic with the blue. :)


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