Sunday, December 30, 2012

Now Get Easy Application With CreaNails - Review

I am always afraid of applying nail polish on my nails as i don't have perfect skills for it. Because of this , i hardly use nail polishes as whenever i try to polish my nails, I got some clumsy stain around my nails and finally i end up with removing the polish. 
But few days back when i was searching for CreaClip. I got another innovative product that is actually perfect for me . Its CreaNail another great product from CreaProducts. Lets take a look on it.

What Company Says :
CreaNails are the latest in nail polish application. The nail stencils comfortably fit your fingers allowing you to apply nail polish with ease. Even with your left hand. No more unwanted nail polish. Now you can get professional nail polish in just minutes. 

Package Include : 
26 Pieces & 10 sizes (Many Sizes to fit each finger)
32 French Strips for precise french application

CreaNails Applicator and French Strips

This product comes with very cute 26 pieces of applicators that comes in 10 different sizes for each hand, plus an extra 6 pieces of the most popular sizes.

26 Polish Applicators

I like that CreaNails also comes with a proper instructions on back side of the package. They gives step by step instructions as you can see in above image. 

My Own CreaNails Application 
My Experience :
I will not create any story to express my experience for this product. I am totally in love with product. I applied polish with these applicators and find them very helping. Now there is no mess around my nails Thanks GOD. It very easy to use and one great thing that these applicators are reusable. So use them and keep them to use next time. These applicators are made up of Polypropylene and they never irritate or even hurt on fingers. Now i am happy to have this product . 

If you are also willing to try this product the you can buy it directly from CreaProdcuts Website. Price of this product is $24.99

Are you fed up with nail polish mess ? Share your views down below. Thanks

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Stay Blessed...


  1. wow impressive nice product indeed

  2. very useful product.thx for sharing

  3. sucha nice and useable product !!!

  4. I've reviewed these also and find them so handy. My nails are longer than yours and I usually made such a mess before but these are terrific.

  5. Wow its lovely!

  6. That looks like a really helpful tool for neat nail polish application. x

  7. looking nice worth buying product

  8. I love the idea of this but I find it too pricey. :(

  9. This is very innovative . I love it .


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