Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Things to Consider Doing Online Shopping in Pakistan - Article (Guest Post)

Online shopping in Pakistan is at a great pace. E-commerce start ups have had to acquire a type in which they could provide product + services to the local customers. However, this is an era filled with coherent online consumer ship; where now branding matters more than the enterprise itself; it is where the online audience authenticates the worth of a firm through consumer reviews and mutual consumer trust. Now, it has become a necessity, for a brand, to keep evolving while adapting to new market trends.

On the other hand, social media marketing has had to become an evergreen subject. It successfully transformed an average consumer to be more socially conscious, and smart! It takes more than just an ad campaign to have your influence on your targeted customer.

Only if your brand is influential or if it’s a leading multinational, then you acquire the miracle of holding customers as your brand ambassadors – those are totally immersed in your brand. In fact, online retailers in India – mainly Jabong and Flipkart – receive traffic of 11.60 and 10.70 (in millions) of unique visitors in December last year, according to a survey. It was to be told as an instance supporting the scope and need for online shopping in the entire South Asian region. Similarly, portals in Pakistan receive traffic in volumes close to these figures.
In addition, some corporations lost good PR and significant perspective of their brand image publically as a result of their fraudulent activities and reckless services management. Despite secure methods have the ability from preventing any monetary theft, you are in need to follow precautions.
Compare websites to check for prices and for the comparison of products. Look at different online clothing stores if you find yourself a shopaholic or a fashion fanatic. It will let you analyze the competition available in this market. Moreover, it is possible for alike products being sold at prices that vary.
The internet is now a consumer – and content driven playground where businesses have are witnessing the inversed affect occurred due to shift in the customer paradigm. It is a sheer surprise for online enterprises and so as for enterprises running as online clothing stores to spectate the empowerment given by social media tools. Nonetheless, customer rely upon testimonials, articles, feedback, commenting, public or consumer reviews to be the authentic sources of information regarding shopping online. As I mentioned earlier, it is trust that directs consumers in faith towards a brand that has renowned market rationale.
Search and browse a lot. It helps getting company insights. Reviews reckoned as to be trusted as these are personally written by customers with disappointing experience, generally.
Keep an eye like a hawk on the price tags the portal offers. Along with that, navigate for hidden shipping costs that elevated price levels. Read ‘Terms and Conditions’ or Policies and you might find there the charges kept secret from you. Hidden costs would be charged the time your order arrives at your doorstep if there’s cash payment. While you can cancel the unwanted transaction for any reason stated.

Pakistan is still an untapped market with potential scope of success for the online industry. Future prospects are profitable with more start ups being fueled for soon to be operational. You now have more options than previously. 

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What is your online shopping experience ever ?  Don't forget to share with us. 

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