Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Beware Of A Rubbish Cheater and So Called Blogger !

I was away from blogging due to health issues but today some one force me to post my bitter experience with one of so called blogger. i will prefer to write to the point instead of getting sympathy and attention of my readers as that blogger did in her post. I am talking about Miss Shinaaya from Intensify Beauty Blog. Who recently shares a post about me and try get her readers , oh sorry not readers but her family members and friends sympathy.
As you all knows that in month of Ramadan PBBC arranged a blogger swap activity. I was the one who participate in that activity . I was secret partner of Farah from Cutibubble and Shinaaya from Intensify Beauty Blog was my secret swap partner . We got the budget of Rs.2000 and i was the second one who sent out the goodies to my partner. I received my goodies little late . After a long wait finally i received my goodies. With excitement and happiness , i opened my parcel . There was a pouch made up of net and all the goodies were inside that. 

Here are the list of items, 

Mua Eye Shadow Palette
MNY Clossal Kajal
Essence Gel Liner
Three nail stickers
One Mask
Two nail polishes
One hair Crimper Set
One Stamping Kit

Now its look like a great list and you will definitely think that my swap partner is such a nice person. But the reality is different from it. Yes the first two items were from my wishlist and all other items were of her own choice. I was happy with first three items but what make me feel disappointed were all other items that she sent me. Because all other items were looking like she bought them from any local rack where plenty of made in china items are available in range from 10 to 50 Rs.  Have look on the images of her choice of goodies. 

The stamping palette she sent me were open and was not in its actual packing. You can see in above picture that stamping palette packing is not only open but its actually not in its own packing. The right side of image is the original packing of this stamping palette. So this make me feel very bad as she send me open product even in swap rule it was mentioned that no one can send open item to her partner. 

Amazingly Miss Shinaaya her self admit in her recent post that she opened the stamping palette to check it . Now i have a question why she opened it when it is clearly said that not to send open items and if opened it for checking purpose then why not she opened all the items and confirmed that every thing is ok. 

Then she send me these hair crimper . You all can see what type of these crimper are , i mean these are made for small girls to play with. I am not a small school going girl to enjoy these crimper . Also one pack of face mask that is also available in very cheap rate at any rack if you go through lahore's market. Now here again she mislead her readers and also Pbbc admins. She shows a screen shot in which she told Pbbc admins that she sent me the same pack of masks as she bought for her self and in both pictures she show 3 packs of mask. But in actual she sent me only one pack. So now what should i say about her ?

Then here comes nail stickers . Ok i don't have issue with these. 

Now the last one is those nail polishes . She sent me two nail polishes and this picture clearly shows what type of nail polishes are these. You all knows these polishes are easily available in 20 to 50 Rs. But according to her statement she bought them in Rs 110 each. Wow I can only say that how fool she is who gave a big amount for these cheap items. 

Now these were the details of goodies she sent me. As i told earlier that i was disappointed because she break the swap activity rule . So i decided to contact Pbbc admins as at that time i was not aware of my partner. When i talk to admin they straight forward deny my complain and said that we like all these goodies and there is no issue with them. I said that there is an issue that according to rule she can't send me goodies less than the budget and if you count these are less than budget . Secondly there is mentioned in your rule that no one can send open and used item and she sent me open item. At that time they asked me that they will talk to her . After one day they pm me that your partner said all the goodies are new , nothing is open and cheap in price and she complete the budget. But she don't have proof of her statement. They also told me that
"She said it is new and cling was opened just to see whether the disc had protected film on it or not."
So they simply deny my point even i was right . Open product mean the product with open packing , it doesn't mean about non existence of protecting film of item inside the pack. And they again and again asked me that we don't understand your point. So i decided to leave that matter as it is. When i will know about my partner then i will think about next step. But what she mentioned in her post , have look on it 

Yes she is trying to create my image that i fight with admins and did something very wrong with them. Here is how i end up with Pbbc admins. 

Now here you can see that what was my reply to pbbc admin . I think it was not a rude reply and i end up by choosing a silence. 
After few days when i cam to know about my partner , i was thinking to talk to her but then i decided not to talk to her as she also deny because she is the one who sent all these and how this could be possible that she accept her fault. So i decided to send her back these items . Then due to some health issues i was not able to send these back to her and i accept my fault that i delayed it. But now when i feel better , my first task was to send these goodies to her and i did it . Now after that what i came to know that Miss Shinaaya a so called blogger right down a wrong address on the parcel when she sent me those goodies. The Courier company contacted me that the address is wrong and the phone no in also off. So its better to give us right address. This was the reason when i talk to shinaaya and asked her for her address . I just asked her for address and when she said why ? I gave her a reason that i am sending you gift . But she deny to give me her address. 
Then after that conversation with Huda bblogger , I told her every thing what was happened to me as she was insisting to share all that with her. She asked me not to post anything and i will talk to Shinaaya for address. I gave her words that i will not post anything about this cheat and i want to send her back those items just because that i don't want to share or post any thing about her with others . But she is not giving me address. I don't know what was Huda's and her conversation but after that she reply me like this, 

Now you can see her msg that what type of language she was using and then what i told her. I was talking very lightly but she started abusing. I can answer her more abusive way but i am not the one to respond that type of people in their style. Huda continuously convinced me to not post about her and she stop me yesterday that i will talk to her till than promise me that you will not post anything about her and also if she give you address you will then not post about . I promised her that if she accept the goodies back i will never ever post about it and even never talk to anyone. But what happened , next day when i was waiting for Huda's reply and on the other hand Miss Shinaaya post about all the story and made herself a heroin of the story to collect the sympathy of others. 
Now this is screen shot of her post. Where she is showing herself as a very sensible and well mannered person. I want to give answer of her few points. First of all that was a professional swap activity between professional bloggers so being a professional blogger its our right to follow rules that she didn't. Then in professionalism there is no space to discuss thanks. It was give and take game. Rules were same for all. If i was sending something according to rules then its my right to receive according to rules. Its not like that one is receiving good and other is getting cheap things. Also in professionalism it is obvious that when one will not follow the rules other will point out those mistakes. So if i complained then it was not wrong because i was complaining about breaking of rules. 
Secondly she said that i don't have respect for her choice then i want to say that yes your choice hurt me a lot because in our culture it is considered that not to give open items as a gifts to any one and also always give those what you like for your self . Miss Shinaaya blog about daily or weekly i guess but i never see any of these items in her reviews or not even in her haul . You can see her blog there are only reviews of high brands but when it comes to gift then her choice is these items . Well done dear you have a great mind. 
At the end i want to clear that i was quiet because i don't want to fight or create any bad image of any one. I was trying to solve the issue by sending those items back to her. Because i was thinking that if these are her choice then its better that she use them . But she herself share this issue publicly and try create my image negative in front of others. You all can check her post where she shares her personal chat shots , I never miss behave with her but her way of talking was rude and she was some how misbehaving with me.

I am seriously finding her post very funny because actually i should be the one who post about all that because i am the one who bear that cheat but here is a twist that the one who is actually cheated , is posting the story and getting the sympathy of all others. So if she think that posting all this will make her right then she is wrong. All those who are replying on her post and on her page and making her happy by talking abusive words about me , at first look at the both side of the picture and then talk about anyone. Everyone knows what type of girl she is and what type of conversation she did in her past . Many of you don't even know that this girl is hiding her real identity to every one and blog about with fake name Shinaaya .

Now I have a question for all of you that according to which rules, norms and values, one can share a private matter or chat between two persons publicly on social media ? By this post i am just giving a shut up call to that so called blogger that don't try to damage my image with her false allegations and illegal acts. 

I was not supposed to share all this but when she shares all personal conversation and also try to damage my image in front of others then i decided to do post. 

At the end i just want to add that if i was quiet before her post then it means that i was not in state of fight . I was trying to solve the issue but her post make me share all the details and her cheat that she did with me. I will end up with this quote 

"All Cheaters make a thousand excuses to convince themselves that they did the right thing."

So If she is trying to mislead others with her post then it doesn't mean she is right. If you all will think your self at my side you will find me right. Thanks for your time . 

Stay Blessed ....


  1. Oh whats going on . I was not aware of all this in swap activities. For us it looks like something very exciting. Its sad that we have such a wise blogger. Don't be sad dear , May GOD help you .

  2. Eewwww how one can cheat like this and then blame other. This is such an awful act by shinaaya .

  3. Shame on that type of bloggers. Don't worry Rabi such type people always shows their pathetic attitude . Keep doing your work and don't listen to others.

  4. Heeheehee I know her ,Shinaaya is a terribly desperate blogger who satisfied herself by showing her lingerie on her blog. Not even this any one can check her abusing conversation on her page . So avoid that type of people Rabi.

    1. you are rite nadia. Im her facebook follower and i know about her abusing nd vulgar things tat,s why i dislike her page to keep myself away from this dirty mind

  5. Hello Rabi, sorry to see that you have to go through this unfortunate event and I can totally understand why you feel what you feel. I've not joined any beauty swaps yet due to this very reason since few months ago I saw two bloggers who did a swap and the same thing happened. It was very sad and ruined the other's blogger trust on others too. I agree with Nadia completely, beware or avoid this type of people. At the end of the day, if you're doing the right thing and totally honest on your blog, it will show and you will attract the right audience who will stick by you. Take care hun! x Donah

    1. Hello Donah and thanks for your kind words. Dear it was my first swap and i have learnt a lot from this . I was unaware of that type of cheats . You are right whatever other will do and speak , if i am right then no one can harm me .

  6. Whoaaaa that bikini blogger made a story by herself

  7. I know you and i believe you. As Donah.!

  8. Well, agreed Rabi, its out of ethics or manner that we are sending used gift to anyone, we can if we knew each other very closely or the other party never mind to get used stuff. :)


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