Friday, April 24, 2015

L'Oreal Paris : A symphony of nude shadows for endless looks - [Press Release]

The fabulous new Color Riche La Palette Nude has arrived

Nothing spells understated glamour and subtle sophistication more than a flawless nude look on eyes. L’Oréal Paris presents the gorgeous new Color Riche La Palette Nude, a timeless yet modern eye shadow selection created by the brand’s make-up designers to help women master the art of nude make-up.

 The chic allure of minimalist nude looks never seem to go out of style with their soft, flattering and feminine appeal! No wonder nude make-up is hugely on-trend worldwide, and featured prominently on the fashion catwalks at recent collections.

Intensely versatile, the polished looks of nude can go from day to evening to night with just a few touches, which is why women just love to wear nude make-up. The Color Riche La Palette Nude showcases a symphony of 20 of the most stunning neutral shades in luminous tones, each selected for its ability to create an infinite array of nude make-up possibilities. This inventive, adaptable palette in two versions, beige or pink, allows you to play, express, imagine and create your own interpretations leading to literally 1001 nude looks for eyes. The shades, whether from the beige or pink palette, in matte or pearly finishes, work universally to look fabulous on all women across a range of skin tones and textures.

L’Oreál Paris’s international make-up artist Karim Rahman says: “I love the Color Riche La Palette for its modern take on the nude look. Women will covet its sleek, streamlined jewellery box container with the dual sponge/brush make-up designer applicator as much as the handy shade illustrations on the back. But of course, what they will love most are the stunning results – soft, sensuous, undeniably grown-up shades that open up the eyes while making their colour pop. It’s all about a new beauty blue print for nudes this season.”

For a look that ranges from light to intense, try Fresh Nude to Smoky Nude. 
Lumi Nude offers a soft beige shade, while Rock Nude captures a glowing pink tone. For a subtle tone, try Pinky Nude, but for a high-octane rock look, there’s Gold Nude. For day or night, Glamour Nude and Midnight Nude work beautifully, exuding a warmer, high impact prettiness.

The stylish guide to well groomed brows: introducing the Brow Artist Genius Kit, only from L’Oréal Paris

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then well-groomed eyebrows surely help create a beautiful view! This season, eyebrows have been the focus of attention on all the major runways. It’s all to do with the fact that perfectly groomed eyebrows balance your features, frame your eyes and define your personality. Now, while that may be the case, it’s true that many women don’t know about the different products and tools that exist to create a perfect brow look, nor how to use them. That’s where L’Oréal Paris latest must-have beauty tool comes in.

The Brow Artist Genius Kit is the smart girl’s way to build better brows. It’s the first all in one brow kit to define, shape and style your eyebrows like a pro. Use it to match your brow look to your mood. Choose from the most natural to the boldest look to create the brow you want.

The Brow Artist Genius Kit’s revolutionary technology provides every tip and trick to help you create beautiful brows. Use the pigmented wax with a 12-hour hold effect to tone down to your natural brow color and fix it neatly in place. Build the eyebrow color YOU want with its shaded powder. And finally, use its cool tools – tweezers to grab the finest brow hair, an angled brush to ensure easy, flawless powder application and a spooley brush to groom your eyebrows into shape.
Easy, beautiful, brilliant!

The brow kits come in two options to suit all tones and types of brows, ranging from light to medium and medium to dark. Plus, the Brow Artist Genius Kit allows for solutions to all kinds of brow problems. Got thin or flat brows? No problem, just do a natural touch-up with your kit! Thick, messy or uneven brows? Just shape and style them with a little help from the kit! Scarce or short brows? Re-build and fix with the kit!

It takes just three steps to be your own brow genius. 
Step one is to prepare and shape your brows with wax and Brush 1. 
Step two is to color your brows with powder and Brush 1.
step three is to style the brows with Brush 2. 
So get your brows into the fashion limelight with perfect arches that show the world the very best of you, only with L’Oréal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit


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