Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Review of Power Perfect Pore (Facial Cleaner)

I am back with another review. Today I received my Power Perfect Pore . Its a
Face cleansing system like Clarisonic but with more heads and functions. I was searching for face cleansing system especially Clarisonic and  Olay but don't find any of them . Then finally searching on net , I found Power Perfect Pore system so i ordered it . I was not sure that it will work or not but still i ordered .

Power Perfect Pore including:

Face care System Main Unit
Exfoliation Brush
Cleaning Sponge
Face Suction Cup
Contour Massager
Holding Stand

Ok when i opened the box (that was totally mashed) I found all these things. 

Exfoliation Brush : Its very soft . My skin is very sensitive and when i used it , it feels so good and so soft that i was not expecting . Another good thing is that the bristles of the brush are long and i think this make it more easy on face. 

Cleaning Sponge : It is looking good but i never tried it yet. You can use it to spread the cleanser evenly on your face. 

Face Suction Cup : Its for to effectively remove black or white heads. I used this but don't find it as good as they mentioned. But the option of Mist is really nice . You can add rose water instead of normal water and spray it on your face while cleaning your face. 

Contour Massager : If you love to massage your face then its good for you. I try it and its quite good. 

So overall it is good. In a very cheap price you can get 4 functioning system with nice stand that looks attractive. 

Hope you like this review. Do comment under this post and share your thoughts. Thanks

Stay Blessed...


  1. Sounds good :)
    how much is it?

    1. I found one in lazada philippines they sell it very cheap it cost 175 pesos which is around 2-5 dollars i think not so sure tho and I'm also thinking buying one cause it so cheap and O wanted clarisonic so badly.


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