Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Review of Yoko Spa Milk Salt

I am here with a new review and this time i comes with a Yoko Spa Milk Salt ReviewSpa Milk Salt is suitable for skin whitening, enriched 
in Vitamin E and pure milk with natural salt benefits, providing nourishment. It removes dirt deposits and dead skin from skin surface,leaving you with a more polished and radiant skin.

I personally use this product . Its really work to smooth the skin and remove the dead skin. You can use it on your armpits , bikini area , 
legs and arms and if possible then on full body. 

Its smells good.Its kind of granulated like scrub. But when we rub it on skin it start melting. 

The packaging is not good. Because when i try to get the powder out from that its difficult to come out with hands. So its better to store
it in your own container with wide opening. 

How To Use It !

Use it after your shower. Rinse your body and take some amount of it and gently massage it on body in circular motion like scrubbing.Then leave it for about 3 minutes. After that wash out your body only with water. 

Hope you will like the review. Do comment on this post. Thanks

Stay Blessed...

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  1. oh man, made with real milk! thats interesting! thanks for sharing!


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