Tuesday, April 23, 2013

HollyWood Style Neem Face Wash - Review

Neem tree is very famous used in medicines specially for skin problems. Women used Neem leaves for different skin problems like acne, blemishes and skin irritation. Now a days its hard to find Neem trees and if
you find it then there is no time to do all those steps for beautiful and acne free skin. But thanks to HollyWood Style that make it easy for us by offering their Neem Face.

What Company Says :
Neem has naturally strong astringent and antiseptic properties and it works as an intense detoxifying cleanser that will remove oil while leaving skin feeling cool, refreshed and with a matt look. The emollient in the formula will calm, soothe and moisturize. using this wash is a daily must in hot climates or during summer moths. Regular deep cleansing will wash excess oil that can cause acne and blemishes. 

Hollywood Style Neem Face Wash with Seal 

Direction To Use :
Use morning and night to keep skin clean and fresh. Apply to wet skin and massage gently to acquire lather. Rinse off well. 

My Experience :
I am always in search of herbal products as they have more positive results that other products. last month during my shopping i found Neem Face Wash from HollyWood Style. I have already used their products and i am totally satisfied with all those products. So with my previous experience , i decided to give a chance to their Neem Face Wash. Not only this but i am also in love with Neem so this is another reason to give a try to this face wash. 

Packaging is similar to their all other products. Its a 150 ml tube. When i talk about packaging , i would like to mention here something very different about HollyWood Style products and that is their product seal. Yes Their all products comes with a seal and its another thing that i love about HollyWood Style. I really enjoy breaking that seal and then eagerly look at the tube that what type of product comes out ;) . I know its some how childish but i seriously love to do it. HollyWood Style Neem Face Wash comes in a gel form and of green color like neem. It has a very strong smell. I can smell neem in it but they also added some fragrance in it . This face wash also include Aloe Vera and mint for better results. So in fragrance i can smell cool mint. Its a soap free face wash. They recommend this face wash for normal, oily and sensitive skin.   

I am using this face wash from 2 weeks. Although i don't have acne problem but i do have some oily skin so i am judging this face wash for oily skin. So after using it , i feel my skin clean and oil free. They promise that it clean skin without over drying but i feel my skin some how stretchy and dry after every wash and after some time i skin becomes normal . I also feel a cooling sensation on my skin after each wash that i like the most. Overall i like this face wash as it is controlling my face oil for all day long and i don't feel my skin sticky. Price of this face wash is Rs. 270 and i think in this price this product is best. If you have acne or oily skin then i would like to recommend you this face wash. They have also many other products in their Neem Range that you can try. 

Have you ever try HollyWood Style product ? Share your experience with all of us. Thanks

Stay Blessed...


  1. Sounds a promising product! :) xx

  2. Hollywood style has a wide range of skin care products, This one looks great for oily skin. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  3. Never seen this range before.. looks good!

  4. I Love HollyWood Style products . They have a very nice range of products.

  5. Never use this product but i would love to try this.

  6. HollyWood Style gives quality products . Thanks for sharing.

  7. I have tried many products of this company and never get unsatisfactory opinion about them. They are great in affordable prices.

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  9. I have got sensitive skin want to mantain and prevent it from pimples blemishes so i bought hollywood style neem face wash i love it it never dark my own color refreshing effect but my skin itchs after and now i am very sad i want something natural on my skin now what should i do i have tried many brands but not satisfy with them. I dont want to use medicated or harsh products please help


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