Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nivea Hand Cream Anti Age Q10 Plus - Review

Nivea is one of my favorite brand and the one i am using from childhood. I was addicted to Nivea lotion . But now a days Nivea is expanding their product line and coming up with great new products that are worth
buying. Last month during my shopping i found a new product from Nivea. It was Nivea Hand Cream Anti Age from Q10 Plus range. When i read Anti Age i just put that on rack but after few moments i came back to that rack again and take that Nivea cream and start reading what was written on it. Then after reading everything I just decided to buy this cream. Lets explore what make me decided to buy it.

What Nivea Says :
Nivea Q10 plus Anti Age hand cream effectively preserves the natural beauty of your skin and prevents first sign of aging.
  • The smoothing hand cream with Q10 plus visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • UVA/UVB filters prevent the appearance of age spots. 
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically proven. 
  • Made in France 

My Experience :

I have a very dry skin of hands and then most of time my hands got swell. Due to dryness and swelling , fine lines and wrinkles are shown on my hands . These lines and wrinkles make me feel sad as my hands are losing their beauty day by day. Last month i got this Nivea Hand Cream with Q10 plus for Anti Age and Anti Wrinkle treatment. I know Nivea is very one of the best company and so that i decided to try this cream. 

At first i really like its packaging as its in a tube and you can squeeze the tube to get the cream out and with this you have a full control that how much cream you want . I always take only a pea size amount of it and its enough for my both hands. Texture of cream is very creamy . Its very soft and moisturizing. It absorb very quickly and after applying on hands it gives a very nice velvety feeling. It smells very nice and fragrance last for long. Another plus point is that its with UVA/UVB filter and so that i can use it as sunscreen for hands too.

There is no such instructions on the packaging that how to use it. But i am using this cream whenever i feel my hands dry and then in night before going to the bed. I am using this cream for almost 2 to 3 weeks and and surprisingly i am noticing difference on my hands. The lines and wrinkles are getting fade and my hand complexion is also improving. I feel my hands more soften and younger than before. So overall i really like this cream and i am thinking to continue using it. It comes in 100ml of tube and price is Rs. 370 and i think this product is worth buying.

What do you use for your hands ? Do share your hand cream with me .

Stay Blessed...


  1. i have been looking and looking for a good hand cream.Thankyou so much for suggesting this one.Great review.stay blessed.xoxoxo

  2. Looks like a good one, great review!:)

  3. me too have a very dry hands thank you for the sharing

  4. I cant live without hand cream, Thanks a lot for sharing!

  5. I was searching for any good hand cream. Thanks for sharing this .

  6. Nice cream and nice review.

  7. Omg I will try this soon!!!

  8. I also want to start using the anti aging cream but before that I want to ask something that what is the best age of uses the anti aging cream and which anti aging cream is best for me.Read More


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