Thursday, May 23, 2013

Get Playful This Summer with Mikyajy’s Nail Art - Press Release

Get your frills and bows ready, ladies. Summer is coming and with it Mikyajy is bringing a whole new revival to your nails. Colorful butterflies, hearts and kisses, leopard print, sparkles and even polka dots are what make this line of nail art so much fun. Introducing the Girl Tools Fashion Nail Strips, Fashion Nail Crystals and Decorative False Nails -- three lines of products that will make your nails look like they’ve been strutting around fashion shows across the globe.

Girl Tools Fashion Nail Strips come in eight styles of easy-to-use pre-cut nail strips. The collection ensures perfect, fashion-forward nails without effort. Created in a variety of funky designs such as candy stripes and zebra print, these strips are long-lasting and require zero dry time. This means you can put them on and walk out the door! You don’t have to struggle with removing them either; whenever you get bored, simply use nail polish remover and voila, you can change it up to whatever you want…such as the Girls Tools Fashion Nail Crystals.

Mikyajy’s Fashion Nail Crystals are a definite must-have if you’d rather leave your nails nude but still like them to be eye-catching. Available in different shapes and sizes, you’ll definitely be the life of the party with this playful pack of bling!

Mikyajy has something for everyone… even for those girls who believe their nails are too short to do anything adventurous. This is where the Girls Tools Decorative False Nails come into play. Fun and easy to apply, these false nails are adorned with all sorts of awesome designs that range from girly to flashy and edgy.

You can now go on vacation with ease knowing that Mikyajy has your nails covered!

Price of Girls Tools Fashion Nail Strips: SAR/AED 25
Price of Girls Tools Fashion Nail Crystals: SAR/AED 25
Price of Girls Tools Decorative False Nails: SAR/AED 25


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