Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pan Stick Foundation By MaxFactor - Review & Swatches

I always love to use pan stick instead of liquid foundation because of convenience of stick. There are so many brands offering pan sticks and today i am sharing one f my favorite pan stick. I was planning to share my experience of using MaxFactor products. So here is my review about Pan Stick by MaxFactor.

MaxFactor Pan Stick

MaxFactor Pan Stick Foundation True Beige (12)

MaxFactor Pan Stick Foundation Swatch

Facts About MaxFactor Pan Stick :
  • Rich & Creamy
  • Maximum Coverage
  • Hides Imperfections
  • Easily cover fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Handy packaging
  • For Normal/Dry skin
My Thoughts : 

I always love using stick foundation as its easy to use them. Because of this reason i bought MaxFactor Pan Stick Foundation. This was my first ever experience to use MaxFactor so i was not sure abut the results. So first of all i really like its packaging. Its very cute handy stick that you can carry any where easily. Smell is very strong and its something like talcum powder. 
Texture is creamy and rich . Consistency is thick and gives maximum coverage. Its easy to apply on face. I swipe the stick on my face and then blend it with my foundation brush. In a few minutes it sets to smooth and dewy finish. One of the best part of this stick is that you don't need any concealer with it. Yes it actually works as concealer and hide under eye circles and blemishes. It also sits on fine lines and wrinkle and make them invisible. It never give cakey looks and lasts for almost full days. Its thick but if blend it well, it will be light on skin. You have three skin tone options to choose from. Mine is True Beige (12). Results are very impressive in $8.51 of price tag. If you are looking for Pan Stick Foundation then i would recommend you to give it a try. 

Are you crazy about Stick Foundation. Do share your thoughts under comment section. 

Stay Blessed...


  1. didn't know maxfactor has pan sticks. gotta check. tried kryolan paint sticks n they are awesome :) thnx for sharing Rabi !

    1. Its nice read your comment here. Do try this stick , it will never disappoint you xx

  2. i like max factor too... great product and great review

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Yes tanya it lasts for the day and gives matte finish that you will love fir sure xx

  5. Max Factor is really amazing, Thanks for sharing!

  6. i think i will try this.. i got some stuff to cover up and looking for some new products :)

  7. Max Factor is one of my favorite brand . I will try this pan stick too. Thanks for sharing.

  8. i would love to try this out since i have a very dry skin hope it will work better on me

  9. I have used max factor pan stick in the past. The colours have changed though. I used to wear Bisque Beige, now they have 2 different beiges, I wonder which one is the closest to my skin colour? I'm a medium skin colour.

  10. No way, I didn't realize this was a foundation! I've been using it as a concealer!

  11. I usually use Shiseido stick foundation its fabulous but cant seem to get the colour 160 deep ivory anymore! maybe Max Factor Stick foundation might be worth a try? great review by the way :-)

  12. I adore the Max Factor Pan Stik. To be quite honest Max Factor has always been great in regards to their face products. Always bang on point. And this Pan Stik is a legend. Period.
    I did a detail review of this product and a few other Max Factor products to celebrate it's 100 years in the makeup industry. I'd appreciate it if you could check if out. Thanks!


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