Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Knockout Nails With Mikyajy - [Press Release]

Electric Hues & Sleek Nudes From Sabaya + Multicolored Metallics From Boxed Beauties
Mikyajy’s got all bases covered when it comes to nail trends on the catwalk these days, with 12 brand new, super versatile Sabaya nail shades wrapped in double-ended packaging as well as a set of flashy high-impact nail enamels in the Metallics Boxed Beauties set.

New! Sabaya Color & Shine Nail Enamel (39 SAR/AED)
Choose from a spectrum of colors and longlasting gloss for your next nail enamel. The Sabaya Color & Shine Nail Enamel comes in an innovative double-ended format with 12 shades that are currently prancing down the runway. One end is filled with nail enamel while the other is a high-performance clear top and base coat, the combination of which will give you fast-drying, fresh results. It can get difficult choosing the right shade from such a wide range but we’re gonna make it easier for you;).

What’s Hot on the runways?
-neutral taupe & classic, peachy nude shades (01, 02)
-electric shades of fuschia, fiery orange and pink (08,09)
-pastel shades like cotton candy pink, sky blue, aqua and lilac (07, 11,12,10)

Boxed Beauties Metallics (99 SAR/AED)
Any idea what nail enamel the celebrities can’t keep their hands off? Metallic nails – the sort of bold sheen that becomes the centerpiece of every outfit. Metallics was launched a few months back to fulfill every woman’s need for a spark to jazz things up. Shimmery red, shiny and exotic green, classic silver and shades of yellow and blue make up this kit, which also opens the door to a lot of nail art experimentation. Whether the look is glamorous, edgy, sleek or sophisticated, this kit is bound to put you at the forefront of the metallic nails trend.

Q: Who’s been seen wearing them?
A: Beyonce, the Kardashians, Nicki Minaj, Kristen Stewart, Rihanna. 


  1. OMG these are super gorgeous and colorful

  2. These look beautiful!
    Please check out my giveaway:)


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